Apple benefits for skin



             Apple benefits for skin


1. Glowing skin

Rich in vitamins A, B complex and C, apple benefits your skin by helping get rid of pathogens and excess oil. Eating apples regularly can brighten your skin as well as correct uneven skin tone. The antioxidants in this fruit accelerate skin cell rejuvenation and help maintain healthy and glowing skin .

2. Prevents premature ageing

Pollution, sun exposure and other environmental stressors cause free radical damage to your skin. These free radicals break down the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin to make fine lines and wrinkles appear sooner and more prominently. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help address the problem of premature ageing. Apples contain plenty of vitamin C and when consumed on a regular basis, can reduce the premature signs of ageing on the skin. 3. Treats acne and blemishes

3. Treats acne and blemishes

Did you know regular consumption of green apples can help control the occurrence of acne and pimples? If you have active acne, blemishes or dark spots, they can also be corrected with the help of apples. If chemicals-based acne creams aren’t helping, this nutrient-rich fruit might be the answer to your prayers.

4. Hydrates skin

Hydration is the secret to soft, supple and glowing skin. While consuming your daily recommended water intake is important, it alone may not be able to hydrate your entire body. It is essential to include fruits and vegetables that hydrate your skin. The high water-content in apples makes it an excellent option for sustaining hydration levels. 

5. Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes

Another apple benefit for the skin is that it has the ability to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.. Stress, lack of sleep and other reasons can cause pigmentation under the eye. Apples can help lighten these dark circles and make your under-eye area appear brighter.






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